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Back of your shoulder. It options a flock of birds flying in an exceedingly line from the shoulder towards the back end of the neck
his tattoo combines a bird, nature and also the moon. tired black, the planning features a branch rising out of a Crescent moon product of little leaves.

It shows a typical wood warbler on the wing with wings extended. The tattoo is completed in a very combination of three dimensional and watercolor designs. that includes yellow, teal, white and black

It shows a dark-blue apodiform bird on the wing. The creative person has done a good job of portrayal the lightning-fast flaps of the bird’s wings
The bird contains a maroon chest with the colour extending to its tail-feathers. Also, the tattoo is placed high on the rear between the shoulder-blades.
Drawn on the arm, it shows the bird standing upright, able to fly. Within it, there square measure blue, red and white colours all integrated in along
this is a tattoo of a bluebird sitting on a branch. it's tiny in size and also the bird has its wings extended. The body art is finished fully color.
This tattoo represents nature vividly. the tiny tattoo is finished in color. Thus, you'll be able to clearly see the sunshine orange color of the flower and therefore the blue feathers on the bird.
This tattoo shows a skinny line of birds flying during a line. The tattoo runs from the higher arm to the radio-carpal joint. The bird tattoo ideas area unit worn out black ink and area unit visible solely from up-close review.

 This tattoo shows a crow on the wing making ready to land. The tattoo is drawn in blue with pink hues within the background. delineate within the watercolor type of art

 This tattoo shows AN raptor with its wings extended. The tattoo is completed across the diaphragm space with nice attention to detail. moreover, its natural attractiveness is additional increased by a inexperienced hue amid its black and gray feathers.
 This tattoo shows a robin fully flight. The image is drawn in black and gray colours. moreover, the bird looks to be perching on a bunch of flowers. it's a exciting bird style.

 This is an outsizes tattoo of a flying raptor. The bird straddles the shoulder blades from one aspect to the opposite. it's realistic and has shadow throughout to spice up realism. moreover, the bird’s wing tips reach the front a part of the shoulder too.

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